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October 10, 2010

Partnering with Cloudera

After I criticized the marketing of the Aster/Cloudera partnership, my clients at Aster Data and Cloudera ganged up on me and tried to persuade me I was wrong. Be that as it may, that conversation and others were helpful to me in understanding the core thesis:  Read more

October 6, 2010

eBay followup — Greenplum out, Teradata > 10 petabytes, Hadoop has some value, and more

I chatted with Oliver Ratzesberger of eBay around a Stanford picnic table yesterday (the XLDB 4 conference is being held at Jacek Becla’s home base of SLAC, which used to stand for “Stanford Linear Accelerator Center”). Todd Walter of Teradata also sat in on the latter part of the conversation. Things I learned included:  Read more

June 30, 2010

Cloudera Enterprise and Hadoop evolution

I talked with Cloudera a couple of weeks ago in connection with the impending release of Cloudera Enterprise. I’d say:  Read more

May 23, 2010

More on Sybase IQ, including Version 15.2

Back in March, Sybase was kind enough to give me permission to post a slide deck about Sybase IQ. Well, I’m finally getting around to doing so. Highlights include but are not limited to:

Sybase IQ may have a bit of a funky architecture (e.g., no MPP), but the age of the product and the substantial revenue it generates have allowed Sybase to put in a bunch of product features that newer vendors haven’t gotten around to yet.

More recently, Sybase volunteered permission for me to preannounce Sybase IQ Version 15.2 by a few days (it’s scheduled to come out this week). Read more

April 12, 2010

Greenplum Chorus and Greenplum 4.0

Greenplum is making two product announcements this morning. Greenplum 4.0 is a revision of the core Greenplum database technology. In addition, Greenplum is announcing Greenplum Chorus, which is the first product release instantiating last year’s EDC (Enterprise Data Cloud) vision statement and marketing campaign.

Greenplum 4.0 highlights and related observations include: Read more

March 19, 2010

Vertica update

I caught up with Jerry Held (Chairman) and Dave Menninger (VP Marketing) of Vertica for a chat yesterday. The immediate reason for the call was that a competitor had tipped me off to the departure of Vertica CEO Ralph Breslauer, which of course raises a host of questions. Highlights of the call included:

NDA parts of the conversation also gave me the impression that Vertica is moving forward just as eagerly as its peers. I.e., I didn’t uncover any reason to think that Ralph’s departure is a sign of trouble, of the company being shopped, etc. Read more

October 1, 2009

Yahoo wants to do decapetabyte-scale data warehousing in Hadoop

My old client Mark Tsimelzon moved over to Yahoo after Coral8 was acquired, and I caught up with him last month. He turns out to be running development for a significant portion of Yahoo’s Hadoop effort — everything other than HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). Yahoo evidently plans to, within a year or so, get Hadoop to the point that it is managing 10s of petabytes of data for Yahoo, with reasonable data warehousing functionality.

Highlights of our visit included:

Read more

September 30, 2009

Facts and rumors

September 12, 2009

Introduction to the XLDB and SciDB projects

Before I write anything else about the overlapping efforts known as XLDB and SciDB, I probably should explain and disambiguate what they are as best I can. XLDB was organized and still is run by guys who want to solve a scientific problem in eXtremely Large DataBase Management, most especially Jacek Becla of SLAC (the organization previously known as Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). Becla’s original motivation was that he needs a DBMS to manage what will be 55 petabytes of raw image data and 100 petabytes of astronomical data total for LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope). Read more

May 11, 2009

Facebook, Hadoop, and Hive

I few weeks ago, I posted about a conversation I had with Jeff Hammerbacher of Cloudera, in which he discussed a Hadoop-based effort at Facebook he previously directed. Subsequently, Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sarma of Facebook contacted me to expand upon and in a couple of instances correct what Jeff had said. They also filled me in on Hive, a data-manipulation add-on to Hadoop that they developed and subsequently open-sourced.

Updating the metrics in my Cloudera post,

Nothing else in my Cloudera post was called out as being wrong.

In a new-to-me metric, Facebook has 610 Hadoop nodes, running in a single cluster, due to be increased to 1000 soon. Facebook thinks this is the second-largest* Hadoop installation, or else close to it. What’s more, Facebook believes it is unusual in spreading all its apps across a single huge cluster, rather than doing different kinds of work on different, smaller sub-clusters. Read more

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