Analysis of SnapLogic and its data integration products, such as SnapCenter, SnapReduce, and the snaps in the SnapStore.

May 13, 2011

Introduction to SnapLogic

I talked with the SnapLogic team last week, in connection with their SnapReduce Hadoop-oriented offering. This gave me an opportunity to catch up on what SnapLogic is up to overall. SnapLogic is a data integration/ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) company with a good pedigree: Informatica founder Gaurav Dillon invested in and now runs SnapLogic, and VC Ben Horowitz is involved. SnapLogic company basics include:

SnapLogic’s core/hub product is called SnapCenter. In addition, for any particular kind of data one might want to connect, there are “snaps” which connect to — i.e. snap into — SnapCenter.

SnapLogic’s market position(ing) sounds like Cast Iron’s, by which I mean: Read more

May 12, 2011

Data integration vendors and Hadoop

There have been many recent announcements about how data integration/ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) vendors are going to work with MapReduce.  Most of what they say boils down to one or more of a few things:

Some additional twists include:

Finally, my former clients at Pervasive, who haven’t briefed me for a while, seem to have told Doug Henschen that they have pointed DataRush at MapReduce.* However, I couldn’t find evidence of same on the Pervasive DataRush website beyond some help in using all the cores on any one Hadoop node.

*Also see that article because it names a bunch of ETL vendors doing Hadoop-related things.

March 6, 2011

Three ways Fedex is a metaphor for data integration

It occurs to me that there are three reasons why Federal Express, aka Fedex, is a great metaphor for data integration.  Read more

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