Cogito and 7 Degrees

Analysis of graph-oriented database/analytics vendor 7 Degrees and its predecessor Cogito. Related subjects include:

May 7, 2012

Terminology: Relationship analytics

This post is part of a series on managing and analyzing graph data. Posts to date include:

In late 2005, I encountered a company called Cogito that was using a graphical data manager to analyze relationships. They called this “relational analytics”, which I thought was a terrible name for something that they were trying to claim should NOT be done in a relational DBMS. On the spot, I coined relationship analytics as an alternative. A business relationship ensued, which included a short white paper. Cogito didn’t do so well, however, and for a while the term “relationship analytics” faltered too. But recently it’s made a bit of a comeback, having been adopted by Objectivity, Qlik Tech, Yarcdata and others.

“Relationship analytics” is not a perfect name, both because it’s longish and because it might over-connote a social-network focus. But then, no other term would be perfect either. So we might as well stick with it.

In that case, “relationship analytics” could use an actual definition, preferably one a little heftier than just:

Analytics on graphs.

Read more

August 21, 2009

Social network analysis, aka relationship analytics

A number of applications lend themselves to graph-oriented analytics, including:

There are plenty more graph-oriented applications, of course, such as the identification of biochemical pathways. But I want to focus for now on ones like those on my list. My key points are:

Here’s what I mean. Read more

December 27, 2006

Bulletin on Cogito

My Bulletin on Cogito — i.e., a short-short white paper — is now available for download. Thankfully, it turned out to be pretty consistent with what I previously wrote on the company and its technology. 😉 The conclusion to the paper bears quoting here:

In deciding between conventional DBMS and specialty graph-oriented tools such as Cogito’s, there’s one key criterion: Path length. If path lengths are short and predictable, there’s a good chance that relational DBMS and their forthcoming extensions can do the job. In complex graphs with longer paths, however, relational approaches may not scale well. In such cases, specialty technologies warrant serious consideration.

May 22, 2006

Introduction to Cogito

In my Computerworld column appearing today, I promised to post here about Cogito. Let me start with a disclosure and a confession: Read more

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