Analysis of Expressor Software and its data integration products. Related subjects include:

June 12, 2012

QlikTech bought Expressor

QlikTech has bought Expressor. Notes on that include:

June 30, 2009

Is Expressor Software accomplishing anything?

Expressor Software is putting out a ton of press releases to the effect that it has signed up another reseller/systems integration partner or, in some cases, sponsored a webinar.  Less clear is whether Expressor is selling much of anything, delivering product people care about, and so on.  The one time I visited, Expressor told me that user interface was its strength, then showed me something very primitive and explained — as the famed joke* would have it — how good it was going to be.

*That would be the Thrice-Married Virgin, although I’ve recently seen versions in which the poor unfortunate was married 12 times. The last husband on the list is always a computer or software salesman, who keeps telling her how good it is going to be. I first heard the joke from Flip Filipowski. I decided it must not be too terribly sexist after hearing Sandy Kurtzig tell it to a group of stock analysts.

Am I missing anything major?

Edit: I emailed the company on May 8, asking what Expressor had in the way of customers. There has been no response.

April 22, 2009

Clearing some of my buffer

I have a large number of posts still in backlog.  For starters, there are ones based on recent visits with Aster, Greenplum, Sybase, Vertica, and a Very Large User.  I suspect I’ll write more soon on Oracle as well.  Plus there’s my whole future-of-online-media area.  And quite a bit more will grow out of planned research.

So there are a whole lot of other worthy subjects I doubt I’ll be getting to any time soon.  In some cases, of course, other people are doing great jobs of writing about same. Here are pointers to a few links that I am glad to recommend:

February 25, 2009

Partial overview of Ab Initio Software

Ab Initio is an absurdly secretive company, as per a couple of prior posts and the comment threads on same. But yesterday at TDWI I actually found civil people staffing an Ab Initio trade show booth. Based on that conversation and other tidbits, I think it’s fairly safe to say: Read more

February 25, 2009

Introduction to Expressor Software

I’ve chatted a few times with marketing chief Michael Waclawiczek and others at data integration startup Expressor Software. Highlights of the Expressor story include:

Expressor’s real goals, I gather, have little to do with the performance + price positioning. Rather, John Russell had a vision of the ideal data integration tool, with a nice logical flow from step to step, suitable integrated metadata management, easy role-based UIs, and so on. But based on what I saw during an October visit, most of that is a ways away from fruition.

January 4, 2009

Expressor pre-announces a data loading benchmark leapfrog

Expressor Software plans to blow the Vertica/Syncsort “benchmark” out of the water, to wit

What I know already is that our numbers will between 7 and 8 min to load one TB of data and will set another world record for the tpc-h benchmark.

The whole blog post has a delightful air of skepticism, e.g.:

Sometimes the mention of a join and lookup are documented but why? If the files are load ready what is there to join or lookup?

… If the files are load ready and the bulk load interface is used, what exactly is done with the DI product?

My guess… nothing.

…  But what I can’t figure out is what is so complex about this test in the first place?

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