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February 9, 2011

Clarification on dbShards’ shard replication

After I posted recently about dbShards, a Very Smart Commenter emailed me with the challenge “but each individual shard is still replicated via two-phase commit, and everybody knows two-phase commit is fundamentally slow.” I replied that no, it wasn’t exactly two-phase commit, but fumbled the explanation of why — so I decided to escalate straight to dbShards honcho Cory Isaacson. Read more

January 25, 2011

ScaleBase, another MPP OLTP quasi-DBMS

Liran Zelkha of ScaleBase raised his hand on Twitter. It turns out ScaleBase has a story rather similar to that of CodeFutures/dbShards. That is:

Our talk didn’t get deeply technical, and I don’t know exactly how ScaleBase’s replication works. But a website reference to a small transaction log in a distributed cache does sound, while not identical to the dbShards approach, at least directionally similar.

ScaleBase is a year or so old, with about 6 people, based in the Boston area despite strong Israeli roots. ScaleBase has raised a round of venture capital; I didn’t ask for details.

Liran says that ScaleBase is in closed beta, with some production users, at least one of whom has over 100 database servers.

January 25, 2011

dbShards update

I talked yesterday with Cory Isaacson of CodeFutures, and hence can follow up on my previous post about dbShards. dbShards basics include:

One dbShards customer writes 1/2 billion rows on a busy day, and serves 3-4,000 pages per second, naturally with multiple queries per page. This is on a 32-node cluster, with uninspiring hardware, in the cloud. The database has 16 shards, aggregating 128 virtual shards. I forgot to ask how big the database actually is. Overall, dbShards is up to a dozen or so signed customers, half of whom are in production or soon will be.

dbShards’ replication scheme works like this:  Read more

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