March 25, 2008

EnterpriseDB unveils Postgres Plus

EnterpriseDB is making a series of moves and announcements. Highlights include:

So far as I can tell, most of the technical differences between Advanced Server and regular Postgres Plus lie in three areas:

Significant technology in Postgres Plus – much of which was previously available in EnterpriseDB Advanced Server — includes:

And, to my great joy — somewhere in the product line (I’m not sure where) is MySQL compatibility.

One obvious question comes to mind: “Why wasn’t the free version always just a subset of Advanced Server?” The answer is that the free/open source version was getting its patches quickly – i.e., right in line with PostgreSQL — while the chargeable enterprise version was being held back for testing. EnterpriseDB estimates the time lag in that at roughly six months or so. To get the products’ schedules aligned, EnterpriseDB now seems to be splitting the difference, with Postgres Plus getting patches somewhat more slowly than PostgreSQL, and Advanced Server’s testing cycle being shorter than it used to be.

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