April 21, 2008

DATAllegro finally has a blog

It took a lot of patient nagging, but DATAllegro finally has a blog. Based on the first post, I predict:

The crunchiest part of the first post is probably

Another very important aspect of performance is ensuring sequential reads under a complex workload. Traditional databases do not do a good job in this area – even though some of the management tools might tell you that they are! What we typically see is that the combination of RAID arrays and intervening storage infrastructure conspires to break even large reads by the database into very small reads against each disk. The end result is that most large DW installations have very large arrays of expensive, high-speed disks behind them – and still suffer from poor performance.

I’ve pounded the table about sequential reads multiple times — including in a (DATAllegro-sponsored) white paper — but the point about misleading management tools is new to me.

Now if I could just get a production DATAllegro reference, I’d be completely happy …


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