September 17, 2008

Netezza overseas

22% of Netezza’s revenue comes from outside the US, at least if we use last quarter’s figures as a guide.  At first blush, that doesn’t sound like much.  Indeed, percentage-wise it surely lags behind Teradata, Greenplum (which has sold a lot in Asia/Pacific under Netezza’s former head of that region), and a few smaller competitors headquartered outside the US.  But a few conversations I had today suggest a rosier view. 

1.  Dave Shuttleworth of Edge Associates, a UK consultancy, told me that his firm had done a number of installations in the UK over the past 2 1/2 years.  He believes Kognitio has a few UK sales in that time period, and Teradata — at least that he’s aware of — have had no new UK customers in that time frame at all.   (This dovetails with other indications I’d had that Netezza is strong in the UK.)

2.  Giovanni Faccioll of ICare, an Italian Netezza partner, said that Netezza had gotten 4 customers in Italy in a relativity short period of time.  By way of contrast, he thinks Teradata only has 15 or so Italian customers, despite many years of trying.

Note:  I haven’t run either of these data points by Teradata, which surely has different information about those markets.

Netezza’s own list of international offices is here.  The Germanic operation is just getting set up; ditto South Korea and India (the latter is not even on that list yet).  The first whole-rack sale in Japan was just two quarters ago, with the first two-rack one coming last quarter.  There also are 5 Netezza systems installed in Slovenia, of all places, at a total of 2 or 3 customers.


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