February 1, 2011

Cassandra company DataStax (formerly Riptano) is on track

Riptano, the Cassandra company, has changed its name to DataStax. DataStax has opened headquarters in Burlingame and hired some database-experienced folks – notably Ben Werther from Greenplum and Michael Weir from ParAccel, with Zenobia Godschalk (who worked with Aster Data) somewhere in the outside PR mix. Other than that, what’s new at DataStax is pretty much what could have been expected based on what DataStax folks said last spring.

Most notably, DataStax is introducing a software offering, whose full name is DataStax OpsCenter for Apache Cassandra. DataStax OpsCenter for Apache Cassandra seems to be, in essence, a monitoring tool for Cassandra clusters, with a bit of capacity planning bundled in. (If there are any outright operations parts to DataStax OpsCenter, they got overlooked in our conversation.)* OpsCenter has been in beta at a few places, with another beta version rolled out recently.

*Yeah, DataStax OpsCenter Release 1 sounds pretty boring. But it’s apt to be useful even so. And cooler stuff should come down the pike later on.

There will of course be a free-download version of DataStax OpsCenter, entirely uncrippled; you’re just not allowed  to use free-download DataStax OpsCenter with production applications. Production users of DataStax OpsCenter will need subscriptions. Much like Cloudera, DataStax is bundling product and support subscriptions, so that you can’t buy one without the other. The current Gold/Silver/Bronze trichotomy will be slimmed down to Mission-Critical/Premier, and you’ll be allowed to have different levels for different application clusters.

Finally, a few customer notes:


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