August 13, 2011

Couchbase business update

I decided I needed some Couchbase drilldown, on business and technology alike, so I had solid chats with both CEO Bob Wiederhold and Chief Architect Dustin Sallings. Pretty much everything I wrote at the time Membase and CouchOne merged to form Couchbase (the company) still holds up. But I have more detail now. 😉

Context for any comments on customer traction includes:

That said,

Membase sales are concentrated in five kinds of internet-centric companies, which in declining order are:

Bob said that Couchbase often sees MongoDB competitively, but never Riak, HBase, or Redis. I got the impression Couchbase sees at least a little Cassandra. That would, of course, all pertain only to direct sales, rather than download/community kinds of usage.

Couchbase is also excited about the potential for the CouchDB-based Couchbase Mobile occasionally-connected offering. The hottest use cases, interestingly, seem to be non-consumer; Bob rattled off military, farming, and health care, and surely could have named more besides. However, the Couchbase Mobile sales effort still seems to be in early days, as is evidenced by the fact that Couchbase has not yet competitively encountered Sybase SQL Anywhere.

With all that said, I’ll go now to a separate post for a Couchbase technical update.


2 Responses to “Couchbase business update”

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