November 12, 2011

Exasol update

I last wrote about Exasol in 2008. After talking with the team Friday, I’m fixing that now. 🙂 The general theme was as you’d expect: Since last we talked, Exasol has added some new management, put some effort into sales and marketing, got some customers, kept enhancing the product and so on.

Top-level points included:

*That excludes some money from Hitachi. Exasol’s Hitachi partnership is still in limbo, an apparent casualty of the world economic crisis.

On the technical side:

In general, the whole thing sounds somewhat like ParAccel, at least at a high level.

*Exasol is not and never has been our client, but we can keep secrets for them even so.

Naturally, Exasol believes EXASolution has fine concurrency, with at least one customer routinely running 2000 concurrent users, 200 concurrent sessions (via connection pooling), and 5-10 concurrent queries. Another customer has 3500 Cognos users. 1-200 concurrent queries appears to be the record peak load. Anyhow, Exasol says that plans to offer real workload management could be accelerated if a need were discovered.

Exasol says it almost never loses POCs, but admits that it competes fairly rarely against Vertica and ParAccel, no doubt for reasons of geography. Exasol boasts one visible Sybase IQ replacement (Sony Music).

While Exasol’s sales to date have been in Germany, there are plans to change that soon. At least one sales cycle is well underway in Eastern Europe. Offices in other Germanic countries are planned. Existing customers are planning to deploy additional copies outside Germany. Discussions are underway regarding other geographies, e.g. English-speaking ones.


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