Streaming and complex event processing (CEP)

Discussion of complex event processing (CEP), aka event processing or stream processing – i.e., of technology that executes queries before data is ever stored on disk. Related subjects include:

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July 5, 2011

Eight kinds of analytic database (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this two-part series, I outlined four variants on the traditional enterprise data warehouse/data mart dichotomy, and suggested what kinds of DBMS products you might use for each. In Part 2 I’ll cover four more kinds of analytic database — even newer, for the most part, with a use case/product short list match that is even less clear.  Read more

February 14, 2011

Some quick notes on HP-Vertica

HP is acquiring Vertica.  Read more

May 13, 2010

Further quick SAP/Sybase reactions

Raj Nathan of Sybase has been calling around to chat quickly about the SAP/Sybase deal and related matters. Talking with Raj didn’t change any of my initial reactions to SAP’s acquisition of Sybase. I also didn’t bother Raj with too many hard questions, as he was clearly in call-and-reassure mode, reaching out to customers and influencers alike.

That said,   Read more

May 4, 2010

Truviso evidently reinvents itself

When Aleri bought Coral8 last year, I wrote that the independent CEP (Complex Event Processing) vendors were floundering. Aleri quickly threw in the towel and sold out to Sybase, which hardly changed my opinion. StreamBase actually is persevering, but not with any kind of breakout success. Big vendors, such as Microsoft and IBM, have at least some aspirations of eventually filling the gap.

Meanwhile, Truviso — which never got much market traction in the first place — was in hiding; Roman Bukary never did keep his promise to brief me on the company’s new and improved strategy. Then Truviso had yet another management change, amidst rumors that it was repositioning away from CEP. As per a press release Truviso emailed today, that’s now official, with Truviso’s main business being something to do with web analytics.

Edit: It seems Truviso was at some point absorbed into Cisco.

February 16, 2010

Quick thoughts on the StreamBase Component Exchange

Streambase is announcing something called the StreamBase Component Exchange, for developers to exchange components to be used with the StreamBase engine, presumably on an open source basis. I simultaneously think:

For reasons why, let me quote an email I just sent to an inquiring reporter:

February 5, 2010

The Sybase Aleri RAP

Well, I got a quick Sybase/Aleri briefing, along with multiple apologies for not being prebriefed. (Main excuse: News was getting out, which accelerated the announcement.) Nothing badly contradicted my prior post on the Sybase/Aleri deal.

To understand Sybase’s plans for Aleri and CEP, it helps to understand Sybase’s current CEP-oriented offering, Sybase RAP. So far as I can tell, Sybase RAP has to date only been sold in the form of Sybase RAP: The Trading Edition. In that guise, Sybase RAP has been sold to >40 outfits since its May, 2008 launch, mainly big names in the investment banking and stock exchange sectors. If I understood correctly, the next target market for Sybase RAP is telcos, for real-time network tuning and management.

In addition to any domain-specific applications, Sybase RAP has three layers:

Read more

February 4, 2010

Quick thoughts on Sybase/Aleri

Sybase announced an asset purchase that amounts to a takeover of CEP (Complex Event Processing) Aleri. Perhaps not coincidentally, Sybase already had technology under the hood from Aleri predecessor/acquiree Coral8, for financial services uses (notwithstanding that between Aleri Classic and Coral8, Aleri Classic was the one of the two more focused on financial services). Quick reactions include:

Related link

December 29, 2009

This and that

I have various subjects backed up that I don’t really want to write about at traditional blog-post length.  Here are a few of them. Read more

October 18, 2009

Introduction to SenSage

I visited with SenSage on my two most recent trips to San Francisco. Both visits were, through no fault of SenSage’s, hasty. Still, I think I have enough of a handle on SenSage basics to be worth writing up.

General SenSage highlights include:

Read more

July 1, 2009


Eric Lai emailed today to ask what I thought about the NoSQL folks, and especially whether I thought their ideas were useful for enterprises in general, as opposed to just Web 2.0 companies. That was the first I heard of NoSQL, which seems to be a community discussing SQL alternatives popular among the cloud/big-web-company set, such as BigTable, Hadoop, Cassandra and so on. My short answers are:

As for the longer form, let me start by noting that there are two main kinds of reason for not liking SQL. Read more

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