June 5, 2011

Hadoop confusion from Forrester Research

Jim Kobielus started a recent post

Most Hadoop-related inquiries from Forrester customers come to me. These have moved well beyond the “what exactly is Hadoop?” phase to the stage where the dominant query is “which vendors offer robust Hadoop solutions?”

What I tell Forrester customers is that, yes, Hadoop is real, but that it’s still quite immature.

So far, so good. But I disagree with almost everything Jim wrote after that.

Jim’s thesis seems to be that Hadoop will only be mature when a significant fraction of analytic DBMS vendors have own-branded versions of Hadoop alongside their DBMS, possibly via acquisition. Based on this, he calls for a formal, presumably vendor-driven Hadoop standardization effort, evidently for the whole Hadoop stack. He also says that

Hadoop is the nucleus of the next-generation cloud EDW, but that promise is still 3-5 years from fruition

where by “cloud” I presume Jim means first and foremost “private cloud.”

I don’t think any of that matches Hadoop’s actual strengths and weaknesses, whether now or in the 3-7 year future. My reasoning starts:

As for the rest of Jim’s claim — I see three main candidates for the “nucleus of the next-generation enterprise data warehouse,” each with better claims than Hadoop:

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