February 21, 2012

Third-party analytics

This is one of a series of posts on business intelligence and related analytic technology subjects, keying off the 2011/2012 version of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. The four posts in the series cover:

I’ve written a lot this weekend about various areas of business intelligence and related analytics.  A recurring theme has been what we might call third-party analytics — i.e., anything other than buying analytic technology and deploying it in your own enterprise. Four main areas include:

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February 21, 2012

The 2011/2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms — company-by-company comments

This is one of a series of posts on business intelligence and related analytic technology subjects, keying off the 2011/2012 version of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. The four posts in the series cover:

The heart of Gartner Group’s 2011/2012 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms was the company comments. I shall expound upon some, roughly in declining order of Gartner’s “Completeness of Vision” scores, dubious though those rankings may be.  Read more

February 6, 2012

Comments on the 2012 Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions

Forrester has released its Q1 2012 Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions. (Googling turns up a direct link, but in case that doesn’t prove stable, here also is a registration-required link from IBM’s Conor O’Mahony.) My comments include:

May 12, 2011

Data integration vendors and Hadoop

There have been many recent announcements about how data integration/ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) vendors are going to work with MapReduce.  Most of what they say boils down to one or more of a few things:

Some additional twists include:

Finally, my former clients at Pervasive, who haven’t briefed me for a while, seem to have told Doug Henschen that they have pointed DataRush at MapReduce.* However, I couldn’t find evidence of same on the Pervasive DataRush website beyond some help in using all the cores on any one Hadoop node.

*Also see that article because it names a bunch of ETL vendors doing Hadoop-related things.

August 21, 2010

The substance of Pentaho’s Hadoop strategy

Pentaho has been talking about a Hadoop-related strategy. Unfortunately, in support of its Hadoop efforts, Pentaho has been — quite insistently — saying things that don’t make a lot of sense to people who know anything about Hadoop.

That said, I think I found four sensible points in Pentaho’s Hadoop strategy, namely:

  1. If you use an ETL tool like Pentaho’s to move things in and out of HDFS, you may be able to orchestrate two more steps in the ETL process than if you used Hadoop’s native orchestration tools.
  2. A lot of what you want to do in MapReduce is things that can be graphically specified in an ETL tool like Pentaho’s. (That would include tokenization or regex.)
  3. If you have some really lightweight BI requirements (ad hoc, reporting, or whatever) against HDFS data, you might be content to do it straight against HDFS, rather than moving the data into a real DBMS. If so, BI tools like Pentaho’s might be useful.
  4. Somebody might want to use a screwy version of MapReduce, where by “screwy” I mean anything that isn’t Cloudera Enterprise, Aster Data SQL/MapReduce, or some other implementation/distribution with a lot of supporting tools. In that case, they might need all the tools they can get.

The first of those points is, in the grand scheme of things, pretty trivial.

The third one makes sense. While Hadoop’s Hive client means you could roll your own integration with your own favorite BI tool in any case, having somebody certify it for you themselves could be nice. So if Pentaho ships something that works before other vendors do, good on them. (Target date seems to be October.)

The fourth one is kind of sad.

But if there’s any shovel-meet-pony aspect to all this — or indeed a reason for writing this blog post — it would be the second point. If one understands data management, but is in the “Oh no! Hadoop wants me to PROGRAM!” crowd, then being able to specify one’s MapReduce might be a really nice alternative versus having to actually code it.

February 11, 2010

Intelligent Enterprise’s Editors’/Editor’s Choice list for 2010

As he has before, Intelligent Enterprise Editor Doug Henschen

(Actually, he’s really called it an “award.”)

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January 27, 2009

Introduction to Pentaho

I finally caught up with Pentaho, which along with Jaspersoft is one of the two most visible open source business intelligence companies, Actuate perhaps excepted. Highlights included:

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