Analysis of Talend and its open source data integration products. Related subjects include:

July 8, 2012

Database diversity revisited

From time to time, I try to step back and build a little taxonomy for the variety in database technology. One effort was 4 1/2 years ago, in a pre-planned exchange with Mike Stonebraker (his side, alas, has since been taken down). A year ago I spelled out eight kinds of analytic database.

The angle I’ll take this time is to say that every sufficiently large enterprise needs to be cognizant of at least 7 kinds of database challenge. General notes on that include:

The Big Seven database challenges that almost any enterprise faces are: Read more

February 11, 2010

Intelligent Enterprise’s Editors’/Editor’s Choice list for 2010

As he has before, Intelligent Enterprise Editor Doug Henschen

(Actually, he’s really called it an “award.”)

Read more

February 25, 2009

Partial overview of Ab Initio Software

Ab Initio is an absurdly secretive company, as per a couple of prior posts and the comment threads on same. But yesterday at TDWI I actually found civil people staffing an Ab Initio trade show booth. Based on that conversation and other tidbits, I think it’s fairly safe to say: Read more

February 25, 2009

Talend update

I chatted yesterday at TDWI with Yves de Montcheuil of Talend, as a follow-up to some chats at Teradata Partners in October. This time around I got more metrics, including:

It seems that Talend’s revenue was somewhat shy of $10 million in 2008.

Specific large paying customers Yves mentioned include: Read more

October 17, 2008

Introduction to Talend

I didn’t spend much time on the show floor at Teradata Partners, but I did connect with Yves de Montcheuil of Talend for a couple of little chats.  Highlights of the Talend story include: Read more

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