VoltDB and H-Store

Analysis of OLTP DBMS research project H-Store and its commercialization VoltDB. Related subjects include:

February 14, 2011

Some quick notes on HP-Vertica

HP is acquiring Vertica.  Read more

October 22, 2010

Notes and links October 22, 2010

A number of recent posts have had good comments. This time, I won’t call them out individually.

Evidently Mike Olson of Cloudera is still telling the machine-generated data story, exactly as he should be. The Information Arbitrage/IA Ventures folks said something similar, focusing specifically on “sensor data” …

… and, even better, went on to say:  Read more

August 18, 2010

I’m collecting data points on NoSQL and HVSP adoption

I was asked to do a magazine article on NoSQL, where by “NoSQL” is meant “whatever they talk about at NoSQL conferences.” By now the number of publications planning to run the article is up to 2, the deadline is next week and, crucially, it has been agreed that I may talk about HVSP in general, NoSQL and SQL alike.

It also is understood that, realistically, I can’t be expected to know and mention the very latest news for all the many products in the categories. Even so, I think this would be fine time to check just where NoSQL and HVSP adoption stand. Here is most of what I know, or links to same; it would be great if you guys would contribute additional data in the comment thread.

In the NoSQL area:  Read more

June 30, 2010

Details and analysis of the VoltDB argument

Todd Hoff (High Scalability blog) posted a lengthy examination of the case and use cases for VoltDB. That excellent post, in turn, is based on a Mike Stonebraker* webinar for VoltDB, for which the slide deck is happily available. It’s all nicely consistent with what I wrote about VoltDB last month, in connection with its launch.  Read more

May 25, 2010

VoltDB finally launches

VoltDB is finally launching today. As is common for companies in sectors I write about, VoltDB — or just “Volt” — has discovered the virtues of embargoes that end 12:01 am. Let’s go straight to the technical highlights:

Read more

April 5, 2010

Notes on the evolution of OLTP database management systems

The past few years have seen a spate of startups in the analytic DBMS business. Netezza, Vertica, Greenplum, Aster Data and others are all reasonably prosperous, alongside older specialty product vendors Teradata and Sybase (the Sybase IQ part).  OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) and general purpose DBMS startups, however, have not yet done as well, with such success as there has been (MySQL, Intersystems Cache’, solidDB’s exit, etc.) generally accruing to products that originated in the 20th Century.

Nonetheless, OLTP/general-purpose data management startup activity has recently picked up, targeting what I see as some very real opportunities and needs. So as a jumping-off point for further writing, I thought it might be interesting to collect a few observations about the market in one place.  These include:

I shall explain. Read more

August 4, 2009

The Boston Globe had an article on VoltDB

The Boston Globe article has more detail than Vertica and VoltDB have ever OKed me to put out, and some business details they’ve never given me.

July 1, 2009


Eric Lai emailed today to ask what I thought about the NoSQL folks, and especially whether I thought their ideas were useful for enterprises in general, as opposed to just Web 2.0 companies. That was the first I heard of NoSQL, which seems to be a community discussing SQL alternatives popular among the cloud/big-web-company set, such as BigTable, Hadoop, Cassandra and so on. My short answers are:

As for the longer form, let me start by noting that there are two main kinds of reason for not liking SQL. Read more

June 22, 2009

H-Store is now VoltDB

I’ve always honored more of an NDA about the H-Store project and its commercialization than I really felt obligated to, given how freely information was being bandied about to others. I’m still doing so. 🙂

But I think I’ll at least say that the H-Store project is now named VoltDB.  The VoltDB website names two individuals — Mike Stonebraker and Andy Palmer — both of whom are founders of Vertica. Job listings on the site are for field engineer and trainer, but not developer, so that suggests something about the project’s/product’s maturity level.

If you have an extreme OLTP need, you should talk to VoltDB. If you don’t have access to Mike or Andy directly, I can hook you up with a key VoltDB marketing/outreach guy. Price may not be as much of a barrier as you’d initially fear.

If anybody from VoltDB wants to be less cloak-and-daggery and say more in the comment thread, I’d be pleased.

And yes — an open-secret working name for H-Store/VoltDB was, for a while, “Horizontica.”

September 25, 2008

Another round of discussion on in-memory OLTP data management

Oracle Exadata was pre-teased as “Extreme performance.” Some incorrect speculation shortly before the announcement focused on the possibility of OLTP without disk, which clearly would speed things up a lot. I interpret that in part as being wishful thinking. 🙂

The most compelling approach I’ve seen to that problem yet is H-Store, which however makes some radical architectural assumptions. One point I didn’t stress in my earlier posts, but which turned out to be a deal-breaker for one early tire-kicker, is that to use H-Store you have to be able to shoehorn each transaction into its own stored procedure. Depending on how intricate your logic is, that might make it hard to port an existing app to H-Store.

Even for new apps, it could get in the way of some things you might want to do, such as rule-based processing. And that could be a problem. A significant fraction of the highest-performance OLTP apps are customer-facing, and customer-facing apps are one of the biggest areas where rule-based processing comes into play.

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