November 21, 2005

Is Oracle losing its edge?

Over in the Monash Report, I posed the question: Is Oracle losing its edge in DBMS? Here are some of the data points that make me suspect it has. A number of these points also apply to the other large mainstream DBMS vendors; a number, however, do not.

That’s a lot of evidence, even without mentioning threats from the open sourcers and the data warehouse appliance guys. So why am I not wholly convinced yet? Well, reasons include a variety of scalability features, extensibility features that are rivaled only by IBM’s, market share dominance on Linux, and Andy Mendelsohn. That’s a pretty compelling list too. Still, the Oracle colossus is teetering a little bit, and it’s not beyond imagination that some future earthquake could bring it crashing down.


One Response to “Is Oracle losing its edge?”

  1. Text Technologies»Blog Archive » The text technologies market 2: It’s actually in disarray on December 9th, 2005 6:22 pm

    […] The text technologies market should be huge and thriving. Actually, however, it’s in disarray. Multiple generations of enterprise search vendors have floundered, with the Autonomy/Verity merger being basically a combination of the weak. The RDBMS vendors came up with decent hybrid tabular/text offerings, and almost nobody cared. (Admittedly, part of the reason for that is that the best offering was Oracle’s, and Oracle almost always screws up its ancillary businesses. Email searchability has been ridiculously bad since — well, since the invention of email. And speech technology has floundered for decades, with most of the survivors now rolled into the new version of Nuance. […]

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