September 20, 2006

Dealing with Netezza has not been easy

Over the past year, Netezza has exhibited the squirreliest question-dodging behavior I’ve seen from a DBMS vendor since – actually, since Sybase tried to conceal the System 10 fiasco in 1993-5. To its credit, however, Netezza finally decided to open the kimono. Specifically, they invited me to their user conference, which I attended today, and indeed were quite helpful in FINALLY getting my questions addressed, and in offering more access as needed.

But despite considerable strides forward, they don’t seem to have gotten the analyst-friendliness thing entirely down yet — the whole conference was under NDA, and the NDA was handled in a way that was extremely intrusive on my recent vacation on Grand Cayman. Perhaps not coincidentally, I only noticed three other analyst firms present, all of which seemed to have been better briefed than I had been, and all of which probably also have vendor relationships with Netezza.

My best guess, actually, is the optimistic one – namely, that in the very near future I’ll both be decently-informed about Netezza’s technology and sensibly free to write about it. Whether I bother to write about it much for a while is a different question altogether. But I will throw a couple of posts up tonight that, I hope and trust, will be cryptic enough not to unduly spill the Secrets of the Special Sauce.


2 Responses to “Dealing with Netezza has not been easy”

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    […] For various reasons, I’m not going to try to give a comprehensive overview of the Netezza story. But I’d like to highlight four points that illustrate a lot of the difference between Netezza’s architecture and that of more conventional data warehousing DBMS. […]

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    […] to see ParAccel retreating from its obsessive secrecy, which in my opinion has been even worse than Netezza’s used to be. Categories: Columnar database management, Data warehousing, ParAccel  Subscribe […]

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