March 16, 2007

Word of the day: “Compression”

IBM sent over a bunch of success stories recently, with DB2’s new aggressive compression prominently mentioned. Mike Stonebraker made a big point of Vertica’s compression when last we talked; other column-oriented data warehouse/mart software vendors (e.g. Kognitio, SAP, Sybase) get strong compression benefits as well. Other data warehouse/mart specialists are doing a lot with compression too, although some of that is governed by please-don’t-say-anything-good-about-us NDA agreements.

Compression is important for at least three reasons:

When evaluating data warehouse/mart software, take a look at the vendor’s compression story. It’s important stuff.

EDIT: DATAllegro claims in a note to me that they get 3-4x storage savings via compression. They also make the observation that fewer disks ==> fewer disk failures, and spin that — as it were 🙂 — into a claim of greater reliability.


3 Responses to “Word of the day: “Compression””

  1. DBMS2 — DataBase Management System Services»Blog Archive » Compression in columnar data stores on March 22nd, 2007 12:38 am

    […] column stores allow the processors to operate directly on compressed data. But once again, I don’t see why row stores can’t do that too. For example, when you join via bitmapped indices, exactly what you’re doing is operating on highly-compressed data.Want to continue getting great research about DBMS, analytics, and other technologies related to data management? Then subscribe to our feed, by RSS/Atom or e-mail! We recommend taking the integrated feed for all our blogs, but blog-specific ones are also easily available. • • • […]

  2. DBMS2 — DataBase Management System Services»Blog Archive » Will database compression change the hardware game? on March 25th, 2007 3:16 pm

    […] I’ve recently made a lot of posts about database compression. 3X or more compression is rapidly becoming standard; 5X+ is coming soon as processor power increases; 10X or more is not unrealistic. True, this applies mainly to data warehouses, but that’s where the big database growth is happening. And new kinds of data — geospatial, telemetry, document, video, whatever — are highly compressible as well. […]

  3. Infology.Ru » Blog Archive » Сжатие данных в СУБД выходит на первый план on October 5th, 2008 5:06 pm

    […] и его коллеги открыли свой блог. Компрессия уже давно играет одну из главных ролей в истории DATAllegro, в то время, как Netezza занялась этим вопросом совсем […]

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