April 1, 2007

Oracle/Google/Apple merger – wow! Just — wow.

If rumors are to be believed, Oracle, Google, and Apple are close to agreeing on a mega-blockbuster three-way merger. Just the personality combinations are amazing, starting with close friends Jobs and Ellison — perhaps the two greatest entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, and both with impeccable taste – and the traditionally sloppy, generation-younger Page and Brin. But let’s jump straight to some of the possible business and technology ramifications.

The Macintosh could become a serious Windows competitor. The Mac is quietly making an enterprise comeback anyway. Business intelligence, dashboards, and the like are constantly in the throes of UI re-invention. (I have some articles I the works about why the industry never seem to get them right, but in the mean time here is my UI overview article from last year.)

Whole new generations of personal/pervasive computing devices could evolve. Apple obviously is a huge personal-electronic-device player with the iPod and upcoming iPhone. Google has looked into cell phones as well. Designing cool devices will not be a problem. The issue is making them integrate really well with enterprise systems. I favor speech interfaces, myself.

Enterprise information management could be transformed. Oracle is batting about 0-for-the-decade in search. Google has is selling a lot of not-terribly-useful low-end enterprise search boxes. There’s room for both to do a lot better. Ex-Oracle executive Dennis Moore has some good ideas in that regard.

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There’s one catch, however: On April 1, rumors generally should not be taken too seriously.


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