October 9, 2007

Yet more on petabyte-scale Teradata databases

I managed to buttonhole Teradata’s Darryl MacDonald again, to follow up on yesterday’s brief chat. He confirmed that there are more than one petabyte+ Teradata databases out there, of which at least one is commercial rather than government/classified. Without saying who any of them were, he dropped a hint suggestive of Wal-Mart. That makes sense, given that a 423 terabyte figure for Wal-Mart is now three years old, and Wal-Mart is in the news for its 4 petabyte futures. Yes, that news has tended to mention HP NeoView recently more than Teradata. But it seems very implausible that a NeoView replacement of Teradata has already happened, if if such a thing is a possibility for the future. So right now however much data Wal-Mart has on its path from 423 terabytes to 4 petabytes and beyond is probably collected mainly on Teradata machines.


One Response to “Yet more on petabyte-scale Teradata databases”

  1. xlrdbms on January 5th, 2008 12:50 am

    While Wal**mart has multiple large systems, the real Petabyte Teradata systems are not there. These xldb Teradata systems are more and more LINUX based, which should be quite a surprise for many experts.

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