October 28, 2007

Infobright responds

An InfoBright employee posted something quite reasonable-looking in response to my inaugaral post about BrightHouse. Even so, InfoBright asked if they could substitute something with a slightly different tone. I agreed. Here’s what they sent in.

Curt, thanks for the write-up and the opportunity to talk about our customer success stories. As you say, our customer story is definitely “more than zero.” We are addressing a number of critical customer issues with our unique approach to data warehousing.

Infobright currently has 5 customers – customers that have bucked the trend of throwing hardware at the problem. To be perfectly braggadocio about this, we have never lost a competitive proof of concept in which we’ve been engaged. This is accomplished with the horsepower of one box (though for redundancy customers may deploy multiple boxes with a load balancer).

Current customers include:

Blue Lithium:

Online advertising company BlueLithium needed to perform complex analytic queries on tables with more than 1 billion rows. The ability to tell their advertisers exactly where to place ads for the greatest effect is the key to their business. BlueLithium stores massive amounts of online user clickstream data. Their data warehouse is 10TB today and is expected to be 30TB in a year or so. This data is their competitive edge and yet they couldn’t take full advantage of it to benefit their advertisers, because some queries took too long to run and others would not run at all. They can now run those queries in seconds with Infobright.

Jay Webster, General Manager, of BlueLithium says “Infobright’s BrightHouse allows us to do very complex analyses on over 30 terabytes of data while leveraging our skill set in MySQL.”


Xerox saved money by replacing their outsourced data analytics with Infobright’s BrightHouse. Xerox needs to run marketing analytics on its customer’s purchasing data. The timeliness of the analysis was also critical. The sooner they had answers the more quickly the business could respond to opportunities. “Infobright will allow Xerox to perform sophisticated market analytics in-house so we can identify and react to market changes quickly and provide clear direction to external marketing service providers.”

I encourage data warehouse professionals to visit our web site or contact us directly to schedule a proof of concept.

Brant Cooper
Vice President, Marketing
Infobright, Inc.


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