October 29, 2007

ParAccel opens the kimono slightly

Please do not rely on the parts of this post that draw a distinction between in-memory and disk-based operation. See our February 18, 2008 post about ParAccel instead. It turns out that communication with ParAccel was yet worse than I had realized.

Officially launched today at the TDWI conference, ParAccel is out to compete with Netezza. Right out of the chute, ParAccel may have surpassed Netezza in at least one area: pointlessly annoying secrecy. (In other regards I love them dearly, but that paranoia can be a real pain.) As best I can remember, here are some things about ParAccel that I both am allowed to say and find interesting:

For further detail – well, to a first approximation, ParAccel’s technical strategy sounds pretty much like other vendors’, only more simplistic. (Except for the hybrid memory-centric futures, but I don’t have a lot of specifics on those.) And to date, ParAccel has discouraged me from going beyond a first approximation. So I’ll skip further detail for now.

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