August 18, 2008

Three happy 100 terabyte-plus customers for DATAllegro

Over on my Network World blog, I asked the question “So who are DATAllegro’s actual current customers?” As regular readers know, that’s a fairly hard question to answer. TEOCO is widely known as DATAllegro’s flagship reference, but after that the list gets thin in a hurry.

As a by-the-by to other discussions, DATAllegro Stuart Frost undertook to respond in part himself. Specifically, he gave me two names of two other happy customers that are or imminently will be running DATAllegro against 100+ terabytes of user data. The names are confidential, but both are enterprises whose names have long been linked to DATAllegro’s, and both are ones about which there’s been some doubt as to their DATAllegro relationship in the past. Now, I haven’t actually checked those references myself, but I’m guessing that if somebody else tries to at this point, they’ll actually find happy users.

Obviously, three’s not a very large number for an overall customer base. Indeed, one can find more than that in the men’s room at a Netezza user conference. But three customers at the 100+ terabyte level is a more serious accomplishment. Teradata is probably the only rival that’s well ahead of that figure, and I’m actually not 100% sure that anybody else has even matched it. (But then, to be technical, neither quite yet has DATAllegro itself.)


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