September 23, 2008

Peter Batty on Netezza Spatial

As previously noted, I’m not up to speed on Netezza Spatial. Phil Francisco of Netezza has promised we’ll fix that ASAP. In the mean time, I found a blog by a guy named Peter Batty, who evidently:

Batty offers a lot of detail in two recent posts, intermixed with some gollygeewhiz about Netezza in general. If you’re interested in this stuff, Batty’s blog is well worth checking out. Some of his thoughts are (emphasis mine):

the presentation from Shajy Mathai of Guy Carpenter, the first customer for Netezza Spatial, who talked about how they have improved the performance of their exposure management application, which analyzes insurance risk due to an incoming hurricane. They have reduced the time taken to do an analysis of the risk on over 4 million insured properties from 45 minutes using Oracle Spatial to an astonishing 5 seconds using Netezza (that’s over 500x improvement!). … The performance improvement you will see over traditional database systems will vary depending on the data and the types of analysis being performed – in general we anticipate performance improvements will typically be in the range of 10x to 100x.

We have seen strong interest already from several markets, including insurance, retail, telecom, online advertising, crime analysis and intelligence, and Federal government.

it’s exciting to see another radical step forward for the industry, this time in terms of what is possible in the area of complex spatial analytics.

The following examples are somewhat speculative, …

One area is in optimizing inspection, maintenance and management of assets for any organization managing infrastructure, like a utility, telecom or cable company, or local government.

This leads into another thought, which is that of analyzing GPS tracks. … there are many questions that you couldn’t answer with a coarse sampling but could with a denser sampling of data (like every second or two).

I should probably mention a couple of more concrete examples too. I have talked to several companies doing site selection with sophisticated models that take a day or two to run. Often they only have a few days to decide whether (and how much) to bid for a site, so they may only be able to run one or two analyses before having to decide. Being able to run tens or hundreds of analyses in the same time would let them vary their assumptions and test the sensitivity of the model to changes, and analyze details which are specific to that site …

Finally, for now, another application that we have had interest in is analyzing the pattern of dropped cell phone calls. There are millions of calls placed every day, and this is an application where there is both interest in doing near real time analysis, as well as more extended historical analysis.


2 Responses to “Peter Batty on Netezza Spatial”

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