September 24, 2008

Some of Oracle’s largest data warehouses

Googling around, I came across an Oracle presentation – given some time this year – that lists some of Oracle’s largest data warehouses. 10 databases total are listed with >16 TB, which is fairly consistent with Larry Ellison’s confession during the Exadata announcement that Oracle has trouble over 10 TB (which is something I’ve gotten a lot of flack from a few Oracle partisans for pointing out … 😀 ).

However, what’s being measured is probably not the same in all cases. For example, I think the Amazon 70 TB figure is obviously for spinning disk (elsewhere in the presentation it’s stated that Amazon has 71 TB of disk). But the 16 TB British Telecom figure probably is user data — indeed, it’s the same figure Computergram cited for BT user data way back in 2001.

The list is:

I happen to have been on the phone with Phil Francisco of Netezza tonight, and he confirmed that Netezza has larger installations (user data) than the figures cited above at several of those customers, including Axciom and NYSE Euronext. However, Phil confesses that he might have trouble getting up to 10 users at > 15 TB of data if — which I think would be the fairest comparison — he had to restrict himself to only those who have given Netezza permission to publicize their names.*

*Phil emphatically says Netezza has more than that overall. But the customers one is allowed to name, let alone disclose database sizes for, are only a fraction of the overall total.

Meanwhile, I suspect that Reliance might be what turned into one of Greenplum’s flagship accounts. And despite its ongoing Oracle relationship Yahoo has a much bigger data warehouse based on Postgres technology.

As usual, the preponderance of telecom customers is striking.


6 Responses to “Some of Oracle’s largest data warehouses”

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  3. siddharth on July 15th, 2013 7:48 am

    This was back in 2008. Now we have big-data. Can you publish anything on recent numbers? How much data people are holding in Oracle DBs?

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