June 5, 2009

Greenplum will be announcing some stuff

Greenplum is having a webinar Monday to announce “The Next Big Leap in Data Warehousing” (capitalization theirs). The idea they’ll be talking about is a genuinely good one. And off the top of my head I can only think of a few vendors who implemented it before Greenplum, and even fewer who emphasize it explicitly. So if you like webinars, you might want to listen in. I plan to blog about the general concept soon after the 12:01 am Monday embargo lifts. (Uh, guys, it is Monday rather than Tuesday, right?)

Greenplum also wants to call attention to a variety of enterprise users. Indeed, the briefing deck had a slide containing photos of five different large-enterprise data warehouse bosses. (Gratifyingly, only one of them — Oliver Ratzesberger of eBay — had more hair than I do, but I digress …) However, I hate the Chinese Water Torture whereby companies dribble out information about their top references,* and I’ve asked Greenplum to blog a summary of all that themselves. I’ll link to it when they do. (As I write this, the top post on the Greenplum blog tells the story of an EDW installation at a large pharmaceutical company, and uses the interesting phrase “Enterprise Data Cloud.”)

*It’s far from being entirely the vendors’ fault; a lot of the problem is that users are weird about giving permission for disclosure. But I’m sick of companies cycling back to me and saying “Oops. You know that thing we told you you could mention? Actually, we wish you wouldn’t.” So I usually stay as far out of that game as I can.

Finally, Greenplum will be announcing Greenplum Release 3.3. Greenplum talked about that to me in early April and gave me permission to blog about it then. I, uh, didn’t get around to doing so, just as I didn’t blog about several other visits on the same California trip. That permission remains — a certain Next Big Leap in Data Warehousing feature excepted — and so I’ll do a general, if slightly incomplete, Greenplum update in a separate post.


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