September 2, 2009

Teradata has over 100 appliances in production

I recently wrote that Teradata had gotten serious about appliance product lines, and had non-trivial sales figures for them. In a press release today, Teradata is now explicitly saying (emphasis mine):

Teradata now has more than 100 appliances in production, including the Data Mart Appliance 551, the Data Warehouse Appliance 2550, and the Extreme Data Appliance 1550, which complement the core platform, the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 5550.

The breakdowns on that are NDA, and anyhow I can’t find them immediately in my notes.* But if memory serves — while a lot of those appliances are used for test and development, a whole other lot of them are used to do actual production query-answering work. (Edit: Memory turned out to be wrong.)

*Teradata likes to put out press releases just as Netezza is having its user conference. I think that’s smart. But especially when I’m keynoting said Netezza user conference, I also can find it a wee bit inconvenient. 😉

By the way, in case it isn’t obvious — 99% of the time, in Teradata lingo, anything except its flagship 55xx series is an “appliance.” The other 1% of the time Teradata agrees with me that everything it sells is an appliance, and claims to be the original data warehouse appliance vendor.

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2 Responses to “Teradata has over 100 appliances in production”

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