September 13, 2009


Despite a thoughtful heads-up from Daniel Abadi at the time of his original posting about HadoopDB, I’m just getting around to writing about it now. HadoopDB is a research project carried out by a couple of Abadi’s students. Further research is definitely planned. But it seems too early to say that HadoopDB will ever get past the “research and oh by the way the code is open sourced” stage and become a real code line — whether commercialized, open source, or both.

The basic idea of HadoopDB is to put copies of a DBMS at different nodes of a grid, and use Hadoop to parcel work among them. Major benefits when compared with massively parallel DBMS are said to be:

HadoopDB has actually been built with PostgreSQL. That version achieved performance well below that of a commercial DBMS “DBX”, where X=2. Column-store guru Abadi has repeatedly signaled his intention to try out HadoopDB with VectorWise at the nodes instead. (Recall that VectorWise is shared-everything.) It will be interesting to see how that configuration performs.

The real opportunity for HadoopDB, however, in my opinion may lie elsewhere. Rather than trying to compete with parallel relational DBMS, HadoopDB might do more good parallelizing more specialized kinds of database engines. How about, for example, a massively parallel XML manager to compete with MarkLogic? Or a massively parallel array processor other than the still-nascent SciDB? Or, even more to the point, something that parallelizes a yet-more-specialized scientific data management engine? That kind of area is where I suspect the potential for HadoopDB really lives.


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  2. Jerome Pineau on September 17th, 2009 4:44 pm

    Well I believe this recent interview is relevant here. That’s traction IMHO.

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