October 18, 2009

Greenplum customer notes

In a briefing about a forthcoming product announcement, Greenplum threw in a slide saying:

I asked Ben Werther to unpack that last claim for me. He quickly noted that it wasn’t his slide, but rather had been put together by colleagues. That said:

No doubt part of the reason for the move away from Sun equipment is the impending Oracle acquisition. Another may be that the Greenplum/Sun appliance is somewhat underpowered. E.g., without particularly high levels of compression, eBay puts over 60 terabytes of data on each Greenplum node, which probably isn’t ideal from the standpoint of query performance.

Greenplum also says that 50% or so of sales are subscription-priced, rather than perpetual-licensed. I don’t have a sense for how long that’s been going on. (Edit: Ben Werther tells me this has been true for over a year.)


2 Responses to “Greenplum customer notes”

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    […] another DBMS2 article, there’s some information about the pace of Greenplum’s recent customer acquisitions […]

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    […] which he means Greenplum was out raising more capital and the fund-raising was going well.  Note: Half or so of Greenplum’s deals were subscription-priced, so it had weaker cash flow than it would have if it were doing equally well selling perpetual […]

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