November 25, 2009

New England Database Summit (January 28, 2010)

New England Database Day has now, in its third year, become a “Summit.”  It’s a nice event, providing an opportunity for academics and business folks to mingle.  The organizers are basically the local branch of the Mike Stonebraker research tree, with this year’s programming head being Daniel Abadi. It will be on Thursday, January 28, 2010, once again in the Stata Center at MIT. It would be reasonable to park in the venerable 4/5 Cambridge Center parking lot, especially if you’d like to eat at Legal Seafood afterwards.

So far there are two confirmed speakers — Raghu Ramakrishnan of Yahoo and me.  My talk title will be something like “Database and analytic technology: The state of the union”, with all wordplay intended.

There’s more information at the official New England Database Summit website. There’s also a post with similar information on Daniel Abadi’s DBMS Musings blog.

Edit after the event:

Posts based on my January, 2010 New England Database Summit keynote address


4 Responses to “New England Database Summit (January 28, 2010)”

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    […] Summit (nee “Day”) is next week, specifically Friday, January 28. As per my posts in previous years, I think well of the event, which has a friendly, gathering-of-the-clan flavor. Registration […]

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