June 21, 2010

Notes on a spate of Netezza-related blog posts

Fearing that last year’s tight travel budgets would hamper attendance, Netezza – like a number of other vendors – decided to forgo a traditional user conference. Instead, it took its Enzee Universe show on the road, essentially spreading the conference across eight cities. I was asked to keynote six of the installments.

After the first one, Netezza Marketing VP Tim Young took me aside for two pieces of constructive criticism. The surprising one* was that he felt I had been INSUFFICIENTLY critical of Netezza. Since then, every other conversation we’ve had about content creation has also featured ringing reassurances that Tim truly wants independent, non-pandering work.

*The unsurprising one was that I’d rushed. Well, duh. After months of telling me I had a 1 hour slot, Netezza cut me to ½ hour a few days beforehand. And my talk had been designed to be high-speed even in the longer time slot …

As a result, I accepted a subsequent gig from Netezza that I would barely consider from most other vendors. Namely, for this year’s Enzee Universe – June 21-23, aka Monday-Wednesday of this week, at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston – I would do some contemporaneous blogging. The parameters we agreed on included: 

That last bit didn’t exactly wholly work out; for the second consecutive year Netezza pulled a surprise schedule switch a few days beforehand. But:

So far as I know, the rest of the plan is still operative.

Posts already written as I draft this one include:

I still need to write one focusing on Netezza’s advanced analytics strategy, and plan to edit in a link to it when it’s up.


3 Responses to “Notes on a spate of Netezza-related blog posts”

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