July 7, 2010

Will a data warehouse DBMS consolidation happen?

Naturally, people are wondering whether the Greenplum/EMC deal will trigger further consolidation in the analytic DBMS industry. Here is a lightly edited version of an IM chat I just had on the subject.

CurtMonash: I think consolidation is inevitable, and this deal is just a piece of it. That’s more like a “Yes” than a “No”, but I think “trigger” is overstated.
CurtMonash: Participants with good reasons for surviving include Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Sybase, Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum, Vertica, Aster, and more. That’s too many to all remain as independent companies. (Edit: Infobright becomes a full member of that list if its Release 4 goes well.)
CurtMonash: Some will buy each other. HP needs to buy somebody at some point. Dell and Cisco are the ones who might feel a bit pushed to make acquisitions if their competitors’ stacks are too successful.
CurtMonash: I think successful vendors will feel embarrassed if they can’t beat the price DATAllegro got. 😉
CurtMonash: I also think ParAccel, Kickfire, and Calpont would be worth more acquired than independent.
CurtMonash: I don’t think the EMC/ParAccel deal was significant enough for ParAccel to have much to lose. 😉 (Edit: But everything is relative.)
CurtMonash: Kickfire laid off its salespeople. It needs to be bought soon.


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