August 26, 2010

More on NoSQL and HVSP (or OLRP)

Since posting last Wednesday morning that I’m looking into NoSQL and HVSP, I’ve had a lot of conversations, including with (among others):

By no means do I have time to do these conversations justice, in terms of giving them the write-ups and/or immediate follow-up that they deserve. Indeed, I’ll leave for vacation Saturday morning with my 2000-word NoSQL article still unwritten. So I’ll dump as many observations as I can into one or a few posts now, and play catch-up later as circumstances allow.

In no particular order:

*As is common for terms I suggest, the “HVSP” name is not getting any traction. What do you think of Marton Trencseni’s suggestion of OLRP, for OnLine Request Processing?

One thing that makes following this area interesting is that so many projects are open source, leading there to be a lot of information in the wild. I hardly have time to read the mailing list for each project; but the people I talk with do, and often they may sorta kinda remember something somebody else posted one or several months back. As just one example, the mailing lists are said to confirm:

Also, figuring out usage of open source software can be … interesting.

OK. This post has gotten pretty long, even without me saying anything resembling an overview of any of the seven companies I listed up top, or of their products’ adoption. So I’ll just publish this now.


3 Responses to “More on NoSQL and HVSP (or OLRP)”

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