September 15, 2011,,,, — notes and context

As previously noted, I attended Dreamforce, the user conference for my clients at When I work with them, I focus primarily on and related businesses. I’ve had to struggle a bit, however, to sort out the various pieces, and specifically the differences among:

The pricing for and is clearly designed for enterprise SaaS applications whose users will be inside customer organizations. If you want to do something public-facing, prices are prohibitive without a special deal. That’s the bad news. The good news is that says, publicly and privately, that it’s indeed open to cutting such volume pricing deals.

When I talked with CTOs and the like at some Dreamforce-exhibiting SaaS vendors, on the whole they seemed very happy with The one repeated complaint was that imposed unpleasant rate limits (e.g., number of API calls). Working around those limits involves unnatural acts of coding, phones calls to helpful staffers to get the limits raised, or both. When I talked with cofounder Parker Harris, he seemed painfully aware of the problem, and indicated that relaxing the limits is an important technical goal.

The other weakness I uncovered was expected — while it may be great as long as your application matches its implicit assumptions, there are some things it can’t easily do. This has been a recurring issue since database-oriented 4GLs (Fourth-Generation Languages) came around in the 1980s. For example, one firm wanted a Flash UI — I’m not sure why — and went outside for that part of the application.

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