November 1, 2011

MarkLogic 5, and why you might care

MarkLogic is releasing MarkLogic 5. Key elements of the announcement are:

Also, MarkLogic is early with a feature that most serious DBMS vendors will soon have – support for tiered storage, with writes going first to solid-state storage, then being flushed to disk via a caching-style algorithm.* And as befits a sometime search-engine-substitute, MarkLogic has finally licensed a large set of document filters, from an Australian company called Isys. Apparently, the special virtue of the Isys filters is that they’re good at extracting not only text, but metadata as well.

*If there’s a caching algorithm that doesn’t contain a major element of LRU (Least Recently Used), I don’t recall ever hearing about it.

MarkLogic seems to have settled on a positioning that, although distressingly buzzword-heavy, is at least partly based upon reality. The real part includes:

Based on that reality, MarkLogic talks a lot about Volume, Velocity, Variety, Big Data, unstructured data, semi-structured data, and big data analytics.

My November, 2010 overview of MarkLogic technology remains pretty relevant. One correction, however: Node heterogeneity configurations, in which “data” and “evaluation” nodes reside on separate servers, are the exception rather than the rule.

Like Vertica, MarkLogic has laudably said that true academic researchers can get MarkLogic for free without the severe license restrictions. Free MarkLogic should be of particular interest to researchers who:

MarkLogic provided some disclosable financial substance by email, which I shall quote verbatim:

Arithmetical purists might note that 85/55 is more than 145%, but I’m just going to settle for the information I got and move on.

Edit: I posted separately about the MarkLogic Hadoop connector. As for that Hadoop connector – stay tuned for a short follow-up post, as writing about it now would not be convenient. (My backup discipline isn’t what it should be, and the only copy of my notes about that product is on a heavy tower computer in a house that doesn’t have working power.)


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