November 10, 2011

StreamBase LiveView — push-based real-time BI

My clients at StreamBase are coming out with a new product line called LiveView, and I agreed they could launch it via this blog. Key points about StreamBase LiveView Version 1.0 include:

The basic StreamBase LiveView pipeline goes something like:  

When wearing my vendor consultant hat, I warmly encourage StreamBase to emphasize the lack of a batch step anywhere in this process. As an analyst, however, I’m more restrained about a claim like “We uniquely free you from batch.” I agree that avoiding batch jobs is a Very Nice Thing. But you also are spared most batch-cycle processing if you stream updates from your short-request database to an analytic DBMS, e.g. via some kind of near-real-time replication.

That said, the push-versus-pull continuous filtering part of the StreamBase LiveView story seems pretty real. I think having sub-second display updates is cool in all sorts of BI use cases, and seriously useful in some number of them. While I don’t have a clear opinion as to whether the StreamBase approach offers huge performance advantages for that kind of latency over “pull” alternatives, my guess is in the direction of “yes”.

Version 1 limitations on StreamBase LiveView include:

One competitive (non)-note: This all sounds something like what TIBCO has been pushing for years, but in fact I don’t have much knowledge of TIBCO’s efforts in the area. I had a meeting set up to learn about it some time ago, but it got canceled because TIBCO’s PR people:

I haven’t had substantive contact with TIBCO since.


2 Responses to “StreamBase LiveView — push-based real-time BI”

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