July 15, 2012

Issues in regulatory compliance

From time to time, I hear of regulatory requirements to retain, analyze, and/or protect data in various ways. It’s hard to get a comprehensive picture of these, as they vary both by industry and jurisdiction; so I generally let such compliance issues slide. Still, perhaps I should use one post to pull together what is surely a very partial list.

Most such compliance requirements have one of two emphases: Either you need to keep your customers’ data safe against misuse, or else you’re supposed to supply information to government authorities. From a data management and analysis standpoint, the former area mainly boils down to:

The latter, however, has numerous aspects.

First, there are many purposes for the data retention and analysis, including but by no means limited to:

Second, there are a variety of technical issues supporting the authorities-informing side of compliance, such as:

Combining all that, and more, I’d say that a considerable fraction of data management and analysis efforts are devoted to meeting legal and regulatory obligations.


4 Responses to “Issues in regulatory compliance”

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