October 16, 2012

Hadapt Version 2

My clients at Hadapt are coming out with a Version 2 to be available in Q1 2013, and perhaps slipstreaming some of the features before then. At that point, it will be reasonable to regard Hadapt as offering:

Solr is in the mix as well.

Hadapt+Hadoop is positioned much more as “better than Hadoop” than “a better scale-out RDBMS”– and rightly so, due to its limitations when viewed strictly from an analytic RDBMS standpoint. I.e., Hadapt is meant for enterprises that want to do several of:

Hadapt has 6 or so production customers, a dozen or so more coming online soon, 35 or so employees (mainly in Cambridge or Poland), reasonable amounts of venture capital, and the involvement of a variety of industry luminaries. Hadapt’s biggest installation seems to have 10s of terabytes of relational data and 100s of TBs of multi-structured; Hadapt is very confident in its ability to scale an order of magnitude beyond that with the Version 2 product, and reasonably confident it could go even further.

At the highest level, Hadapt works like this:

The latter is a new Version 2 feature called HDK (Hadapt Development Kit), and is the reason I’m using the term “analytic platform” for Hadapt.

*I’m using the term “view” a little loosely here.

The Hadapt SQL execution story starts:

To exploit and celebrate its much-faster-than-Hive query response, Hadapt has a new partnership with my clients at Tableau.

If we leave aside the other kinds of processing and view Hadapt strictly as an RDBMS, it’s primitive versus the current MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) state of the art, but ahead of where some other vendors were at similar points in their company history.

Hadapt is far from the only vendor trying to integrate interactive SQL and Hadoop; indeed, I have multiple clients taking different approaches to the same problem. But if you’re looking for a single data store that’s useful for a lot of different purposes — well, that’s pretty much the essence of the Hadapt design.


4 Responses to “Hadapt Version 2”

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