November 27, 2012

B2C internet software

I recently opined that, especially for cutting-edge internet businesses, analytic applications were not a realistic option; rather, analytic application subsystems are the most you can currently expect. Erin Griffith further observed that the problem isn’t just confined to analytics:

 “We didn’t need 90 percent of the stuff they were offering, and when we told them what we did need — integration with social, curation tools, individual boutiques and analytics — they had nothing”

… a suitable solution to merge his editorial staff’s output with his separate site for selling tickets to events and goods … was not available, so had to build his own hybrid publishing and commerce platform. Likewise, Birchbox had to build a custom backend so that it could include videos and editorial content alongside its e-commerce site.

…  it’s DIY or die.

With that as background, let’s consider why building business-to-consumer internet software is so complicated.

I’d suggest that a consumer website starts with four major conceptual parts:

Requirements may include great uptime, great response time, and rapid (re)development cycles, along with dynamic schemas for all four parts.

No one application — or “application” — vendor will ever meet these needs, across most or all segments of the market. Differences are too great in:

So for starters I’d say:

When I refer to “building blocks”, my thought is that we know a good part of the modularity model for the foreseeable future:

Further modularity is suggested by the complexities of rendering or streaming different kinds of content.

And finally I note:

And that’s where I’ll leave it for now. Truth be told, I haven’t yet figured out exactly which subcategories of “applications for B2C companies” I think will or won’t be big.

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