April 23, 2013

MemSQL scales out

The third of my three MySQL-oriented clients I alluded to yesterday is MemSQL. When I wrote about MemSQL last June, the product was an in-memory single-server MySQL workalike. Now scale-out has been added, with general availability today.

MemSQL’s flagship reference is Zynga, across 100s of servers. Beyond that, the company claims (to quote a late draft of the press release):

Enterprises are already using distributed MemSQL in production for operational analytics, network security, real-time recommendations, and risk management.

All four of those use cases fit MemSQL’s positioning in “real-time analytics”. Besides Zynga, MemSQL cites penetration into traditional low-latency markets — financial services (various subsectors) and ad-tech.

Highlights of MemSQL’s new distributed architecture start:


And which not-easily-parallelized aggregate did MemSQL implement first? The same one Platfora did — COUNT DISTINCT.


6 Responses to “MemSQL scales out”

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  2. GregW on June 7th, 2013 1:22 pm

    I looked into memsql in part based on your post.

    I do appreciate hearing about new options or improvements such as you mentioned; MPP was of interest. I have a strong interest in MPP SQL databases of the open source or closed-but-MySQL-compatible variety for scaling out data warehouse ETLs.

    But I was a bit disillusioned that they didn’t support more than a 2-way join. (See http://developers.memsql.com/docs/1b/sql/join.html .) For a new project that can be worked around, but for migrating existing work, that’s a pretty big non-starter or important caveat I thought worth mentioning to you or your readers.

  3. Ryan on June 7th, 2013 7:08 pm

    Hi Greg,
    Sorry you found an outdated version of our documentation. If you go here – http://developers.memsql.com/docs/2.0/sql/join.html – you should find what you need. If you’re interested in banging away on MemSQL, you can download a free trial at http://www.memsql.com/download.

  4. GregW on June 10th, 2013 3:27 pm

    Thanks Ryan.

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