June 2, 2013

WibiData and its Kiji technology

My clients at WibiData:

Yeah, I like these guys. 🙂

If you’re building an application that “obviously” calls for a NoSQL database, and which has a strong predictive modeling aspect, then WibiData has thought more cleverly about what you need than most vendors I can think of. More precisely, WibiData has thought cleverly about your data management, movement, crunching, serving, and integration. For pure modeling sophistication, you should look elsewhere — but WibiData will gladly integrate with or execute those models for you.

WibiData’s enabling technology, now called Kiji, is a collection of modules, libraries, and so on — think Spring — running over Hadoop/HBase. Except for some newfound modularity, it is much like what I described at the time of WibiData’s launch or what WibiData further disclosed a few months later. Key aspects include:

More specifically, 5 of the 6 Kiji modules are:

*It’s a roadmap item to “blur” KijiScoring and KijiREST together, and have them run in the same process.

And then there’s the confusing one — KijiExpress, which has something to do with running models. Right now KijiExpress seems to be mainly a Scalding/Cascading interface to the rest of Kiji. However:

Finally, on the business side:


5 Responses to “WibiData and its Kiji technology”

  1. Omer Trajman on June 2nd, 2013 1:36 pm


    Thanks for the great overview. We’re pretty excited about how the Kiji project is coming together and the great feedback from early users. All of the components are available in an easy to download and use SDK called the BentoBox. Like everything else in Kiji, it’s Apache licensed and available at http://www.kiji.org. We’re also hosting a one day workshop and hackathon following HBaseCon this year. It’s being sponsored by Cloudera and Opower and folks can sign up at http://kijicon.eventbrite.com.


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