April 10, 2015

MariaDB and MaxScale

I chatted with the MariaDB folks on Tuesday. Let me start by noting:

The numbers around MariaDB are a little vague. I was given the figure that there were ~500 customers total, but I couldn’t figure out what they were customers for. Remote DBA services? MariaDB support subscriptions? Something else? I presume there are some customers in each category, but I don’t know the mix. Other notes on MariaDB the company are:

MariaDB, the company, also has an OEM business. Part of their pitch is licensing for connectors — specifically LGPL — that hopefully gets around some of the legal headaches for MySQL engine suppliers.

MaxScale is a proxy, which starts out by intercepting and parsing MariaDB queries.

I had trouble figuring out the differences between MariaDB’s free and enterprise editions. Specifically, I thought I heard that there were no feature differences, but I also thought I heard examples of feature differences. Further, there are third-party products included, but plans to replace some of those with in-house developed products in the future.

A few more notes:


One Response to “MariaDB and MaxScale”

  1. John on April 25th, 2015 4:38 am

    Interesting post Curt.

    Wonder why does world need another sharing mysql db product when companies like Clustrix already exist? Would be interesting to know the differences.

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