July 31, 2016

Notes on Spark and Databricks — technology

During my recent visit to Databricks, I of course talked a lot about technology — largely with Reynold Xin, but a bit with Ion Stoica as well. Spark 2.0 is just coming out now, and of course has a lot of enhancements. At a high level:

The majority of Databricks’ development efforts, however, are specific to its cloud service, rather than being donated to Apache for the Spark project. Some of the details are NDA, but it seems fair to mention at least:

Two of the technical initiatives Reynold told me about seemed particularly cool. One, on the machine learning side, was a focus on training models online as new data streams in. In most cases this seems to require new algorithms for old model types, with a core idea being that the algorithm does a mini gradient descent for each new data point.

The other cool idea fits the trend of alternatives to the “lambda architecture”. Under the name “structured streaming”, which seems to be a replacement for “DStreaming”, the idea is to do set-based SQL processing even though membership of the set changes over time. Result sets are extracted on a snapshot basis; you can keep either all the results from each snapshot query or just the deltas.

Despite all this, there’s some non-trivial dissatisfaction with Spark, fair or otherwise.

To the last point, I raised one of the biggest specifics with Reynold, namely Spark’s lack of a strong built-in data persistence capability. Reynold’s answer was that they’re always working to speed up reading and writing from other forms of persistent storage. E.g., he cited a figure of ~100 million rows/core/second decoded from Parquet.


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