Analysis of VectorWise and its columnar analytic DBMS efforts. Related subjects include:

Actian, which bought VectorWise
Data warehousing
Open source database management systems
Columnar database management systems
MonetDB, a related research project

June 10, 2010

Fun with quotes in the VectorWise press release

Ingres forgot to prebrief me on the VectorWise announcement, and despite valiant efforts hasn’t succeeded in connecting with me since they realized the lapse. Meanwhile, I took a look at the VectorWise press release, and found the quotes to be somewhat amusing.
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August 4, 2009

PAX Analytica? Row- and column-stores begin to come together

Column-store proponents are prone to argue, in effect, that the only reason to implement an analytic DBMS with row-based storage is laziness. Their case generally runs along the lines:

Pushbacks to this argument from row-based vendors include:

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August 4, 2009

Vertica’s version of MapReduce integration

I talked with Omer Trajman of Vertica Monday night about Vertica’s MapReduce integration, part of its Vertica 3.5 release. Highlights included:

Apparently, the use cases for Vertica/Hadoop integration to date lie in algorithmic trading and two kinds of web analytics. Specifically: Read more

August 4, 2009

VectorWise, Ingres, and MonetDB

I talked with Peter Boncz and Marcin Zukowski of VectorWise last Wednesday, but didn’t get around to writing about VectorWise immediately. Since then, VectorWise and its partner Ingres have gotten considerable coverage, especially from an enthusiastic Daniel Abadi. Basic facts that you may already know include:

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