August 18, 2010

Finally confirmed: Membase has a reasonable product roadmap

On my recent trip to California, neither I nor my clients at Northscale covered ourselves in meeting-arranging glory. Still, from the rushed 30 minute meeting we did wind up having, I finally came away feeling good about Membase’s product direction.

To review, Membase is a reasonably elastic persistent data store, sporting the memcached API, making memcached/Membase an attractive alternative to memcached/sharded MySQL. As of now, Membase is a pure key-value store.

Northscale defends pure key-value stores by arguing, in effect: 

Northscale has a point. Still, I think that in most use cases you’ll want a data model and/or data access methods that are at least a little richer than pure entity-attribute-value.

Fortunately, that’s the direction Northscale is taking Membase. I don’t get the impression that the details have been worked out yet, but the general idea is:

Will Membase Node Code be a close substitute for relational DBMS functionality, or even the Cassandra architecture? I doubt it, especially at first. But at least it will keep Membase developers from getting locked in to a very simple and restrictive data management paradigm.


5 Responses to “Finally confirmed: Membase has a reasonable product roadmap”

  1. James Phillips on August 18th, 2010 10:25 am

    Thanks for the mention, Curt. Great seeing you on your trip out and hope to see you again soon (maybe I can come out and see you?)

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