August 27, 2012

Aerospike, the former Citrusleaf

My new clients at Aerospike have a range of minor news to announce:

Mainly, however, they want to call your attention to the fact that they’ve been selling a fast, reliable key-value store, with a number of production references, and want to suggest that other organizations should perhaps buy it as well.

Generally, the Aerospike product story is as I described in two posts last year. At the highest level:

AeroSpike’s three core marketing claims are performance, consistent performance, and uninterrupted operations.

Aerospike technical details start with the expected:

Further technical details include:

For business metrics and so on, the following is edited from an email sent over by Aerospike marketing VP Monica Pal. (The original, naturally, had a lot more marketing-speak.)

  • Headcount – 30 and hiring.
  • # of production customers – mid double digits, all paying.
  • Biggest database – 12TB and doubling.
  • Most customers are at 1-4TB of unique data; most replicate at least x2; many also replicate across data centers.
  • (After saying about three times it’s OK that Aerospike clusters are small because they can do so much work on each node.) We have hundreds of servers in our own test lab to exercise the clustered architecture.
  • Pricing – per terabyte and per datacenter, unlimited nodes per cluster, unlimited number of clusters, pay only for unique data, not replicas. Most start at $50k.


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