January 12, 2013

Introduction to NuoDB

NuoDB has an interesting NewSQL story. NuoDB’s core design goals seem to be:

Please don’t blame me for various annoying aspects of NuoDB’s marketing; they only became a client this month.

Key aspects of NuoDB’s architecture include:

Less unusual technical highlights include:

Online schema change is in the mix as well.

The heart of NuoDB’s design seems to be the optimistic execution. Highlights include:

Consequences include:

NuoDB’s consistency, by the way, is tunable. Commits can require:

NuoDB’s modularity story starts:

Traditionally, DBMS have one tier. Exadata, MarkLogic, and InfiniDB — among others — have two to three each. NuoDB, however, effectively has four:

The most counterintuitive part of this is probably that one instance of a storage manager can talk to a whole key-value cluster (e.g. one managed by HDFS); thus, this is not a classic shared-nothing nor sharded (transparently or otherwise) approach. Rather, each NuoDB storage manager sees the whole database.

Seeing only part of the database isn’t an option in NuoDB Version 1; hence, compliance-oriented geo-partitioning isn’t supported at this time.


Wrinkles include:

And finally, NuoDB company highlights include:

NuoDB took a “rolling thunder” approach to launch, so product news is already out, but some customer wins and internal benchmarks are being held back for a press event next week.

Bottom line: No new DBMS could possibly justify NuoDB’s hype. But NuoDB is an interesting new product for the cloud era.


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