Data mart outsourcing

Discussion of services that analyze large databases on an outsourced basis. Related subjects include:

September 12, 2008

Some Netezza customer metrics

From the conference call based on Netezza’s July, 2008 Q1, as of the end of Q1:

July 1, 2008

Jerry Held on cloud data warehousing and how business intelligence will be transformed by it

Vertica Chairman Jerry Held has a pair of blog posts on analytics and data warehousing in the cloud. The first lays out a number of potential benefits and consequences of cloud data warehousing, under the heading of “Transforming BI”: Read more

May 23, 2008

Data warehouse appliance power user TEOCO

If you had to name super-high-end users of data warehouse technology, your list might start with a few retailers, credit data processors, and telcos, plus the US intelligence establishment. Well, it turns out that TEOCO runs outsourced data warehouses for several of the top US telcos, making it one of the top data warehouse technology users around.

A few weeks ago, I had a fascinating chat with John Devolites of TEOCO. Highlights included:

May 8, 2008

Outsourced data marts

Call me slow on the uptake if you like, but it’s finally dawned on me that outsourced data marts are a nontrivial segment of the analytics business. For example:

To a first approximation, here’s what I think is going on. Read more

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