February 8, 2011

Membase and CouchOne merged to form Couchbase

Membase, the company whose product is Membase and whose former company name is Northscale, has merged with CouchOne, the company whose product is CouchDB and whose former name is Couch.io. The result (product and company) will be called Couchbase. CouchDB inventor Damien Katz will join the Membase (now Couchbase) management team as CTO. Couchbase can reasonably be regarded as a document-oriented NoSQL DBMS, a product category I not coincidentally posted about yesterday.

In essence, Couchbase will be CouchDB with scale-out. Alternatively, Couchbase will be Membase with a richer programming interface. The Couchbase sweet spot is likely to be:  Read more

January 28, 2011

Schooner — flash-based, now software-only, and very fast

Last October I wrote about Schooner Information Technology, which made flash-based appliances, for MySQL, memcached, or persistent memcached. Schooner sold those appliances to close to 20 customers, but even so decided software-only was a better way to go.

Schooner’s core value proposition is that one Schooner box with flash does the job of a lot of MySQL or NoSQL boxes with hard drives. Highlights of the Schooner story — of which you can find more detail at the Schooner website — now include:  Read more

October 18, 2010

More notes on Membase and memcached

As a companion to my post about Membase last week, the company has graciously allowed me to post a rather detailed Membase slide deck. (It even has pricing.) Also, I left one point out.

Membase announced a Cloudera partnership. I couldn’t detect anything technically exciting about that, but it serves to highlight what I do find to be an interesting usage trend. A couple of big Web players (AOL and ShareThis) are using Hadoop to crunch data and derive customer profile data, then feed that back into Membase. Why Membase? Because it can serve up the profile in a millisecond, as part of a bigger 40-millisecond-latency request.

And why Hadoop, rather than Aster Data nCluster, which ShareThis also uses? Umm, I didn’t ask.

When I mentioned this to Colin Mahony, he said Vertica had similar stories. However, I don’t recall whether they were about Membase or just memcached, and he hasn’t had a chance to get back to me with clarification.  (Edit: As per Colin’s comment below, it’s both.)

October 11, 2010

Membase simplifies name, goes GA

The company Northscale that makes the product Membase is now the company Membase that makes the product Membase. Good. Also, the product Membase has now gone GA.

I wrote back in August about Membase, and that covers most of what I think, with perhaps a couple of exceptions:  Read more

October 10, 2010

Quick introduction to Schooner Information Technology appliances

Back in August I talked with John Busch of Schooner Information Technology, which has a non-obvious URL. Schooner Information Technology sells Flash-based appliances that are mainly intended to run MySQL with blazing write performance.

This is one of those cases in which I warned that due to my September wave of family health issues I would cut a few blogging corners, so:

If Schooner wants to add some of what I’ve left out into the comments to this post, that would be great.

Schooner appliances are meant to be clustered, Read more

August 26, 2010

More on NoSQL and HVSP (or OLRP)

Since posting last Wednesday morning that I’m looking into NoSQL and HVSP, I’ve had a lot of conversations, including with (among others):

Read more

August 18, 2010

Finally confirmed: Membase has a reasonable product roadmap

On my recent trip to California, neither I nor my clients at Northscale covered ourselves in meeting-arranging glory. Still, from the rushed 30 minute meeting we did wind up having, I finally came away feeling good about Membase’s product direction.

To review, Membase is a reasonably elastic persistent data store, sporting the memcached API, making memcached/Membase an attractive alternative to memcached/sharded MySQL. As of now, Membase is a pure key-value store.

Northscale defends pure key-value stores by arguing, in effect:  Read more

April 27, 2010

Gear6 seems to have failed in the memcached market too

As previously noted, I’ve briefly cut back on blogging (and research) due to some family health issues. The first casualty was a post about memcached. One of the two companies to be featured were my new clients at Northscale. The other was Gear6. What they had in common was:

Read more

March 16, 2010

Memcached-based company NorthScale launches

NorthScale, a start-up based around memcached, has just launched, two weeks after the Todd Hoff’s post arguing the MySQL/memcached combo is passe’. NorthScale wouldn’t necessarily argue with Todd, arguing that what you really should use instead is NorthScale’s combo of memcached and Membase, a memcached-like DBMS …

… or something like that. I don’t intend to write seriously about NorthScale until I have a better idea of what Membase is.

In the mean time,

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